[RELEASE] TV Time (Video) Addon Version 2.0

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(2012-03-30 05:11)Merc33 Wrote:  I have installed using Eden official 11.0 (no betas) and got latest script.tvtime.2.2.22, and i have a huge database library of sorted files and it all works fine in Pseudo finding my library. But in TV Time it always wants to search on start up for my Files using Autofind and it finds Nothing. It tells me to goto Settings and in the Config Channel menu it shows nothing in my library. No Show, No Movies, No Networks. I know i have a working library. The config Menus are all Blank. I so want to use this for Bumpers. Why are my Channels not detecting? I cleared Userdata under both sections and wiped all folders of TV time. I also rolled back to earlier versions but still nothing detected. Does TVTime only work with Dharma 10 and current TVtime script vr 2.2.22? Pls Help! Thnkx and Awesome Script!


The fellow who spun this off of PseudoTV, JTucker, has not been seen around these parts for many months. I doubt very much that this will work in Eden as I don't think any work has been done on this since his sudden departure.
As for using channel bumpers, you can do this in PseudoTV.

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(2012-03-30 14:36)mwkurt Wrote:  As for using channel bumpers, you can do this in PseudoTV.


But it isn't as convenient as TVTime was. :@

I've looked at the plugin, and you almost need to be a programmer to write those rules. Confused

TVTime pretty much did that all for you when it worked. Sure you didn't have as much control, but it more or less just worked--which made up for a lot!

I'll have to give PseudoTV another go now that it's the only game in town... I still like the concept of cable tv from my library.

UPDATE: Errr...no, no I won't. Somehow I'm going to have to find a way to get the Dharma install of XBMC back for my Lucid install and lock it in place. Seeing stuff like this only makes me want my TVTime back even more...

(2012-03-30 15:26)nlash Wrote:  
(2012-03-30 14:13)Abe Froman Wrote:  
(2012-03-28 09:25)ihaterich Wrote:  I notice since updating to Eden, the channel guide moves a bit slowly, and is a little lagged. I was previously running Eden RC2 and had no problems.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, it's terrible. Ruins the whole plugin... Any chance of fixing this? It was so much better before.

(2012-03-26 01:35)Jason102 Wrote:  This is an Eden issue. A scripting feature was removed that allowed me to make things smooth, like I can do in Dharma. Again, looking for optimizations, but I'm not terribly optimistic about making this much better. I don't think XBMC scripting was ever designed to draw graphics, especially over video.
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I have had to go back to PseudoTV. I loved the expanded functions of TVTime, but for some reason it stopped reading files completely. I have a channel set to nothing but The Big Bang Theory. It played the files perfectly for along time. I added a new show, and did a force reset, now it wont read the channel no matter what i do. I've uninstalled the script, removed the source (my hdd) and added it again, numerous resets, tried different channel numbers for it and nothing. Please help. I liked TVTime because it used less CPU and ran a lot faster
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Would love to see this being re-developed as I too am having the same problem.

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how can i use rmtp stream with this ?
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if you liked tv time try this its way better and developer is active. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1462508
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