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AKnightofNi Offline
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Hi all

On further investigation the onscreen keyboard issue appears to be with the new Raspmc build and not the quartz skin so please ignore previous post!
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bthusby Offline
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- In the 'Next Up and Recently added episodes' Media Shelf for 'TV shows', brand new episodes should ideally come first, i.e. before next episode of TV Shows I'm binge watching while waiting for the hottest brand new episodes of '24', 'Tyrant' and 'Suits' atm Smile Right now a brand new episode is hidden outside the screen since only 4 next episodes of 'TV shows' is visible in the Media Shelf without browsing to the right.

- Also, quite often there are duplicates of some of the episodes in the Media Shelf. Is this a known bug?

Again, great skin! The only one really working stable with XBMC Gotham on ATV2! Keep up the good work Big Grin

BT :)
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unheard Offline
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I don't if I should have posted this here.
Please can anyone help I just want to add custom files to quartz skin.
I'm running crystalUbuntu I also have enabled root.
I have use wscp and FileZilla.

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TJM1985 Offline
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Call me crazy, but I can't figure out how to play my RSSFeed during the browsing of my home screen. The only option that shows it is the XBMC on the far right. Is this customizable?
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