Windows - One Button DVD/BluRay Ripping using a Launcher from within XBMC

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You are at the mercy of your computer hardware and Handbrake there. You can play around with the handbrake options in the script and look at handbrake guides. By default it does a fairly high compression for 720p because the script assumes blu-ray compression. If you are doing DVD's you'll want to change the encoding options as 720p is a higher resolution than a 420p which is common for DVD's.

It shouldn't take anywhere close to that once you have the settings tweaked but it does still take some time. Please see here for all the Handbrake command line options:

I haven't tested this but using this line instead of the one in the script by default should speed up the encoding

Set X264=b-adapt=2:rc-lookahead=50:me=umh:bframes=5:ref=1:subme=2:me=dia:analyse=none:trellis=0:no-fast-pskip=0:8x8dct=0:weightb=0

Set SIZE=--width 720 --height 480

Those two lines should help, but only change the resolution to this if using a compatible US NTSC TV / Monitor.
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