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Mizaki Offline
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No there isn't. It was a "recent" addition to the JSONRPC along with settings. I may look at it if I feel up to it. Of course pull requests with it are welcome Tongue

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bac522 Offline
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Don't know what a pull request is...
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Mizaki Offline
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For people who can write the code themselves. They can then use github to make a pull request with the code in. Smile

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FreakErn Offline
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(2013-12-26 13:36)bac522 Wrote:  
(2013-12-14 02:06)Mizaki Wrote:  @bac522 can you give me an example. Just some or all buttons? Thanks.

None of these seem to work:

[Image: 2a79xxy.jpg]

i have the exact same problem. This happens when you have changed something in the configuration.

This happens on my computer when i enter the first time this addon, change the start page to my music playlists and press save. next time i open this addon, my "whats running now" field is always empty and the buttons do not work anymore.

I have tested it on FireFox and Chrome. This is not a browser specific problem.

To solve the problem, remove the coockie, refresh the page and have fun Smile

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Archigos Offline
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I just downloaded the Gotham zip from GitHub about 5-10 minutes ago and the only thing I've tested so far (in Chrome and Firefox) is changing the default view in TV from Banner to Poster (and tried Logo) however that does not stick. In fact, the only setting that seems to stick so far is changing the default page from the Episode list to TV. I started in Chrome so I deleted all cookies and cleared my cache with no change and since this is a new laptop I installed Firefox specifically to test this, therefore I know it's not some kind of weird cached/cookie bug, it just seems that the default page is the only setting that actually gets written into the cookie.

After noticing this, I tired a few other quick settings, like changing the default amount of shows and movies shown from 25 to a lower number and that didn't seem to stick as well.

Not complaining, just pointing it out so it can be fixed.


P.S. The buttons circled in the post above me all seemed to work properly.

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