[RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon

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Tommix Offline
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You all seem to be blind and confued. billion times i said that am using the same hardware config file, and i WAS changin this Addon settings and nothing changes just boblight stop wokring. Also I KNOW that this is NOT boblightd god damn. i know this is client. Boblight in OpenElec also is client, it just also includes boblightd itself.

Dont think others is stupid just because you don't understand a thing. Teeedub - i bet your setup is shitty like everybody's else. You just didn't saw real boblight.

I said: this thread's fist topic images, shows clearly that this ADDON makes bad settings and sends them to boblight. Only blinds cant see how bad it works.
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Martijn Offline
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I suggest you calm damn and watch your language.

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forums before posting.
Do NOT e-mail Team-XBMC members asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, make sure you read this first

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Tommix Offline
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(2014-09-05 22:32)Martijn Wrote:  I suggest you calm damn and watch your language.

I suggest you to fuck off. Bunch of noobs.

This shitty addon even shitty works on linux...
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nickr Online
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Banned, good call.

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unircista Offline
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Hi, I installed my ambilight system with the following components: ( strip LED type smd 5050 and ws2801 ics , Arduino Mega + 12V 5amp power supply ) .

My TV is 55 " and uses a total of 165 LEDs ( 57 top, 33 left , 33 right , 21 bottom left, bottom center padding 10 and 21, bottom right ) .
OS LinuxMint 17 with XBMC addon Boblight .

The problem I have is that when performing a test video colors within xbmc , when displaying a single color it projects well to the wall , but when the screen is divided into two colors (left / right) only projects a color in both divisions , also when the screen is divided into four colors projected only two colors.

Not really it may be, I have doubt whether it can be a problem with HSCAN coordinate and Vscan or prefix of boblight.conf . How to know if the prefix assigned by the boblight config maker ( generator boblight.conf file) is the same arduino sketch ?. How do locate the arduino sketch ?

this is my configuration of boblight.conf :


Link to Boblight Config Maker:

Link to Ambilight Test Video:

If anyone can help I would appreciate.
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