Release - PlayIt service : Play hosted video url remotely on XBMC

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Maybe you should consider this project it supports a lot more websites.

I wish to have Rotten Tomatoes (user+critics) + IMDB both ratings display in skin.
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(2014-07-30 05:08)dmaher803 Wrote:  I see that people have gotten this to work in Gotham, but mine stopped working after the upgrade and it won't even let me download the add-in anymore. It says "Incompatible" when I go to install it from the repository and if I click on it it says "Dependencies not met". The only problem is I checked the xml file and all the dependencies are definitely met. Has anyone ran into any issues like this before? I've tried deleting the addon files in the userdata folder, but that didn't seem to help. Any help would be had.

Same here, XBMC 13.2 Gotham - tried AJ and SuperRepo
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