Missing Movie Scanner

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You can keep the release name in there. Filebot will keep it, if you ask it to.

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steve.rand Offline
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(2013-12-27 19:30)ribtin Wrote:  Great add-on, but it would be a trillion times more useful if you could update the movie information directly from the output list.

Nicely said!

I found this thread while looking to see if there was any updates to the add-on to allow this. My refresh button is greyed out and I have 500 or so movies that won't scrape because I put the year infront of the movie when there is a collection to order it chronologically.
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Droeska Offline
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Is it possible, as first version work around, to link an list-entry through to the file location in the "file browser" (home > videos > sources)? This would be instead of opening the movie (which is not of much use to me).
From there it's possible to select the 'movie information' option with the 'refresh' option enabled, and I think also renaming of files (if this option is selected from the xbmc configuration settings).

This solution would allow for the user to choose either to rename the file or to rerun a db-search on the specific file/folder. Both are relevant situations for me (but even opening the movie would be possible).
Some files do not get found even if the title is mainstream or official because it's mention in the db the scraper uses is not 100% 'correct' (my conclusion after doing some research) and not the name I want to use. In such a case I want to be able to keep my file/folder name and rerun the search with the adjusted name which works for that particular db (for examp tvdb).

Love the add-on, it's a savior. I'm not much help with coding I'm affraid, and hopefully not repeating on some earlier thread-discussions / ideas Wink.
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urbanrider55 Offline
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I’m not sure how hard it’s it add scheduling to this? If you could set it to run automatically once a week I think that would be very helpful.
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runawaydevil Offline
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Not working at all for me.
It used to. But now is just kinda broken.

When I start the scan it shows 0 missing files, but there is missing files. I believe the system is checking in the internal storage "/STORAGE/VIDEOS" when in the truth my files are stored on a HDD.
Anyway, someone can help me? A fix? Something?

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thos Offline
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(2014-03-25 18:40)urbanrider55 Wrote:  I’m not sure how hard it’s it add scheduling to this? If you could set it to run automatically once a week I think that would be very helpful.

Yeah I'd like this also.
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Mettbrot Offline
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Hey Null pointer

Tranks for your addon. I thought I would try it out to fully polish my library. But as it turns out: the addon does not only check files in a video source but also in all sub directories. Please add an option to disable recursive scanning, just like in the source/scraping options in XBMC.

Thank you

edit: I created a pull request for this, if you dont mind. https://github.com/faush01/MissingMovieScanner/pull/2
I hope I got it right. pretty much the first time using git bash.
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dahouet Offline
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Thanks for this add-on, it is what i've looking for !

It detects well the missing movie in the database but how should i add manually to the database ?
If i press 'i' , it opens the menu and i can press refresh but nothing happens

If i go in the 'folders menu', i press 'i' , it offers me to place a custom name to scrap.
but it will be nice to do it within the add-on.

Thanks for your support
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fireba11 Offline
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add-on worked fine a while ago .. lately i'm having a strange problem:
Since my library got pretty bug i'm scanning source paths, but the biggest one (about > 12k files) stopped working. I'm still getting the scan window, it counts up to 12ksomething, disappears and nothing else is happening. Debug log just stops too. On other source paths it can take up to two minutes for the result dialog to appear too. Maybe some problem with xmbc 13.1?
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