[RELEASE] Radio Add-on (rad.io, radio.de, radio.fr) Music Plugin

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Maliner86 Offline
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I had the same problem as you. for some reason the folder structure of the xbmcswift2 addon, that comes with radio, is incorrect. Go to your addon's folder and find script.module.xbmcswift2. Inside the folder is you will find a folder called xbmcswift2 and the addon.xml file. create a new folder called lib and moive the xbmcswift2 folder inside.

That sorted my plugin out.
Hope it helps
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Levi59 Offline
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yeah! It's work! Thank you for your help Maliner86 ^^
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CP6er Offline
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Great addon! What I like best is that using a custom station doesn't require any web site other than the station itself to be accessible. Shoutcast was broken the other day, so my stations there crashed XBMC several times until I figured it out. I turned them into Radio-custom and they start quicker and more reliably.

A suggestion though about editing custom stations: When I change the name of a custom station, the old entry in the dictionary is updated, but not removed, and a new one is added with the new name as the key. This leaves two identical stations in the list, one of which cannot be removed.
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vel2000 Offline
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I get a script error on addon start:
Happens with Gotham 13.1 on Android

EDIT: works with a fresh xbmc/spmc install, seems that the "old" install was messed up somehow

Full LOG here
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sumartho Offline
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Hi, i'm a big fan of radio.de (but i'm new to xbmc).
I'm running this on my ipad, my phone, my logitech squeezebox and more gadgets
Can you please tell me how it's possible to use xbmc as "Audio Distribution Point" for the radio.de add-on?
If i "open" my xbmc i see only "Music library" or "Video library" as possible selection but not the currently playing Radio Station.

regards, sumartho

P.S. great stuff
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