[dev] CetonTV+HDHomeRun - Watch TV on XBMC (WIN/OSX)

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(2014-07-21 19:45)flipontheradio Wrote:  I've decided to develop a program that will auto load all the logos into the guide for anyone who wants them. It works on the web interface and on the mobile site, and should also load them into XBMC. If this is something you're interested in I need some help. I need a few channel map files from people with different cable providers and also a few beta testers. Message me if you can help with both. Here's another screen shot of the web interface with logos.

[Image: cetonscreen2.jpg]

It's going to take me another week to create all the logos, and probably a week to get a beta version done (if I can get the channel map files).

I used icons inside of Windows Media Center and it adds so much. I would love this on Ceton XBMC.

Has anyone tried this ceton xbmc on an Amazon Fire with XBMC? Curious if it works well
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Here is what I have done since I can't get xbmc to work.

1. Created a .bat file for each channel. It opens VLC in fullscreen and if a channel is already playing it kills that task first so only one instance of vlc is running.

taskkill /im vlc.exe
"C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" "http://X.X.X.X:8888/play?channel=502&format=ts&redirect=true" -f

2. Installed Autohotkey

3. Created a script that will start a channel based on certain key strokes. So basically if I press Shift + 8 or * on a WMC remote control and then the channel numbers right after it will run the .bat file for that channel.

Input, userKey, I L3
If userKey = 470
Run, "C:\TV\470.bat"

Now what I would really love is a GUI for this that has a on EPG guide much like pseudotv. So that if you click on a channel in the EPG guide it will trigger the .bat file
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