[RELEASE] TV Guide - with XMLTV and streaming support

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I enjoyed reading thru the 39 pages. This board is full of great people willing to help and Tommy always try to please everyone with new features. I would like to use this plugin and quickly installed it on my raspberry Pi on both Openelec and RaspBMC. I'm currently confused on how to do the following:
I have RaspBMC, HDHomeRun Prime.
I would like to setup Schedule Direct for my guide.
I would like the updates of schedule Direct to happen during the night.
I have 1080 HD channels and from a quick setup on one of my RaspBMC these channels where not smooth. ( I noticed it was mentioned in these posts)
Not too familiar yet with the back-end of raspberry but getting there.
Perhaps the help given here could go on the first page as a documentation for a quick reference.
P.S. I have two Raspberry PI, on one of them I could see the HDHomeRun device, select it and see the channels. On the other one, I go to file manager, create a new HDHomerun Device, then open your plugin, select one of the channels I see on the guide, select strm but I do not see the HDHomerun device.

Thanks for your help.
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