[RELEASE] MyVideo.de Addon (biggest german video portal)

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Hi :-)

I am using your great plugin on a Raspberry Pi B+ / Android / Windows. I live in Germany.

All machines show mostly empty sub-directories in e.g. Film (nothing in the genres), TV (nothing in subcategories).

I tried your upper post, deleting the directories if they existed. No change.
I tried deinstalling and reinstalling. No change.

Top 100 Filme is empty.
Top 100 Music works.
Top 100 Serien works.

TV nothing in the subcategories of the TV channels. Alle Serien are shown. Top Episoden shows, but Script Error in quite a few episodes on all machines.

The loading in gerneral is on the Raspberry by far the slowest.

Is the a fix ? Help would be appreciated.

Viele Grüße

Heres the Log
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