[WIP] skin.re-touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3) Updated 24/07/2012

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Using touched and retouched on my win8 tablet I have a cursor/mouse and it acts more like a mouse than a tablet.. However videos show users using xbmc like a touch device, how can I stop it acting like a mouse with cursor etc?
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Is there anyway to Add Favourites shorcuts to Home (like Addon shortcuts) ??
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Hey guys... i'm new to this and i'm from germany... so please excuse my bad english.

Jezz_X nice work! i love this skin...

but i have a BIG problem... look at this

everytime the keyboard open i just see the following:

[Image: xbmc_re-touched_keyboardissue.png]

Anyone can help to fix this??

Using currently Lenovo Flex15D Ultrabook with Windows 7 Ultimate, Intel HD video-card, latest kodi xbmc on 10.1 ics screen with touch digitizer at hdmi output for testing...

thanks alot

Edit: downgraded XBMC to 13.2 Gotham ... now the Kexboard works... but what is the matter it is not working with kodi 14Confused
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