Separate Forum for XBMCbuntu

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chaosmstr Offline
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Since there is a separate flavor of XBMC on linux now, perhaps it should have it's own forum page?

Sorting through XBMC on Ubuntu, or Fedora, or Debian.. (and all the separate versions thereof)
for the stuff pertaining specifically to the installation and running of XBMCbuntu is rather tedious.

Just a thought.
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thethirdnut Offline
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Ubuntu installs aren't generic though either. Diff hardware platforms account for most of the subtleties.

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chaosmstr Offline
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Yes.. there are hardware differences from machine to machine..

The technical help forums have Windows (multiple hardware configs), OSX (multiple hardware configs), Linux (multiple hardware configs AND multiple OS versions), iOS (fewer hardware configs and OS versions) and Android (version of Linux itself)

But that doesn't discount the usefulness of a separate help forum for the specific combination of XBMC (Eden) and whichever version of Ubuntu that the devs have put out on this site labeled XBMCbuntu. At least then all the posts are about the SAME version of XBMC on the SAME version of Linux.

I see posts about Dharma on Debian that look like they might apply to my specific questions on Eden, but then when I go looking, the directories/files talked about aren't on my installation of Eden.

Hense, my suggestion. So that apples are still being compared to apples.
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