[RELEASE] trakt.tv tv/movie scrobbler

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ToddeSwe Offline
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Nope i spoked to soon, it does not update on my social media like facebook.
When trying to sync it stops at 1% and then nothing happens.

What can i do?

I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it but that did not help.

What is wrong?


- firmware version 1.2.1 -
- Wired - Receiver Pioneer VSX-529-K - Netgear WNDR 3700 router - USB HDD connected Seagate - SONY Bravia KDL-46HX800 -
mostly using my HDD's from my PC in my LAN for watching
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darzur Offline
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Just installed it and it's what I was looking for a long time. I miss one functionality however or I don't know how to enable it. I'd like to automatically synchronize after I'll finish watching movie or episode. Is it possible at all??
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NathanCS Offline
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I tried searching the thread for this, but haven't seen anything. I've done lots of google searches as well but can't find anything since 2012.

My question - can trakt do a 2 way sync with my favourites in IceFilms in XBMC? I use IceFilms for all my watching, but I watch tv shows on a few different XBMC boxes. I was hoping I could sync back and forth between all of them and I could get those little check marks (marked as watched) on all my XBMC boxes.

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TRaSH Offline
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I would check the forum rules with your question about unsupported add-ons and something about piracy.

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Silvaire Offline
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Question: I've been a long-time user of trakt to sync my watch list and to provide an online database of my library. However, I recently converted over to a multi-profile environment for my HTPC so that my wife can have her own watched list. I did this because I could not figure out a way to have trakt syncing enabled but also be able to unwatch stuff I've seen so that my wife can see it. When I do this, trakt plugin will override it reapply the watch flag.

I've never done multi profiles before and assumed it would solve my problem. I completely disabled trakt on my wife's profile and yet trakt is still running and syncing/overriding the watch list for my wife with my watched flags.

Is there a way to use trakt and resolve this situation for me? I guess I don't really understand XBMC profiles because it makes it seem program add-ons are silo'ed off and yet it is still running add-ons from other profiles.


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fredphoesh Offline
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Fantastic Addon... thank you!

I love being able to add movies on my phone that then show up automatically on xbmc and in the Genesis video addon... I became a vip member after about 5 minutes of using it, LOVE IT...

The only issue I have is that very often (almost always) Trakt seems to need some time before it starts working. What I mean by that is that when I go to the Genesis addon and go to My Genesis, I see generic stuff in that section, and none of the Trakt lists that I will see once the Trakt addon starts working.

I sometimes exit out of Genesis back to the home screen, then go back to My Genesis and into Movie Lists, and I may do this three or four times before I get to see the trakt playlists and custom lists.

It would be great if this addon could be started when xbmc starts (not sure that would help it to be ready when needed).

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bluenote Offline
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I would also like to see more intelligent handling of "mark unwatched". I know that I can turn on and off trakt -> XBMC syncing, but I would prefer to keep it on for things like sync status between MB3 / other addons / whatever. So coarse "one direction" solution isn't a great fit.

Unfortunately because there is a mismatch between what "watched" is used for in XBMC and what it means to trakt I can't think of a nice elegant solution. The best I come up with is either some kind of tombstone functionality within the XBMC addon, or more intelligent handling of inferred watched status on trakts side. Right now I assume it's a simple function of "if there is a watched date, the status is watched" whereas having watched status be a separately handled piece of recorded data in the trakt database would be useful.

I suspect if that piece of data was exposed on the website it would have to be called something else though. My imagination fails me what that name would be. Or, it could simply never be seen, I suppose.

anyways, thanks for considering
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