Release - tinyMediaManager - a media manager written in Java (Win/Mac/Linux)

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tigerjack89 Offline
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Just new to this tool, looks great!!
I have some random questions:
- The software seems to fail when there are 2 or more files with same name and extension, but not when there are files with same name and different extensions.
I often have 2 different files (maybe with different languages) and for this reason they are not correctly recognized. Also, another issue is when I have a movie divided into 2 different files.
- Is it possible to have the column "Original Title" in the main page?
- Is it possible to add language(s) to a movie?

Thanks in advance for your reply Smile
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Rob Xbox User Offline
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How do I get the software to refresh the database - it doesn't seems to be picking up new episodes.


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mlaggner Online
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sorry for responding so late - I've completely forgot it Sad

@mew1033: I know there are differences; We try to provide a stable and reuseable NFO which is readable by a wide range of media centers (not only Kodi).
- yes indeed, the original title is only needed if the title differs; but we write it to be sure it is passed to the our NFO reader (Kodi, ...). Otherwise every reader has to implement the logic to take the title as original title if no original title is available. This is just an approach to create a clearer NFO.
- there were several discussions how to write the ratings. The only stable way to pass the certifications to other tools is to write the technical IDs (PG-13).
- Well, only IMDB differs between plot and outline (for most movies). Our other scraper does not have any similar field in their API, so we decided only to take the plot and cut it down. tMM does not only focus on IMDB - we create a standard interface between our scrapers and the API - therefore we will not introduce a field which is only used by one scraper..

- we changed many points within version 2.6 (I hope we can push it out this week) - please try it again with 2.6. Atm I do not know if we already solved your issue Big Grin
- we try to keep the movie list (left side of the screen) as small as possible. The original title on the left side would be too long.. Is there really a need for it in the list?
- should be possible with 2.6 if I understand you right

@Rob Xbox User: Adding new episodes to the library is done when doing a "update datasource"

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