[RELEASE] [MOD] AniDB.net scrapers for TV shows and Movies

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eurofag Offline
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Nvm, found it based on debug logging.If anyone needs it, there's an .xbmc folder under your home folder (as the name suggests, it's hidden).
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borgmanjayce Offline
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Any plans for a updated version for Aeon MQ5 in the future?
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micah686 Offline
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I'm having an issue with the scraper. It seems to not like nested folders. For example, I have the folder structure /$root/Anime/Little Busters!
Inside that folder, I have the folders "Little Busters!" for season one and "[RefrainSubs]Little Busters Refrain" for season two. However, the scraper only seems to recognize the top directory "/$root/Anime/Little Busters!" and it does not fetch information of the two folders inside, only displaying the information for season one on the directory above. I had even created the tvshow.nfo file in the directories with the episodes, and put in the full AniDB url in it. Even with that, it did not fetch the information. Then, when I moved [RefrainSubs]Little Busters Refrain to /$root/Anime/ and ran the scraper again, it decided to work. How can I have the scraper work recursively through directories? Any help would be appreciated.
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Mr Flopsie Offline
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Since updating to the latest version of RASPBMC I can't get the scraper to work. It scans normally but when I want to check the library afterwards it doesn't show anything..
Anyone an idea?
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WhoEver Offline
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Hey, I have a question.
Is it possible to name the Folder and the Anime differently? Or to add an 2nd name to the folder?

Folder:Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion (Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch)
File: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion - 01 The Day a New Demon Was Born [1080p_x264_8Bit_AC3]
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saitoh183 Offline
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for those that use this mod and use sabnzbd...here is a great post-processing script that will do the renaming and moving of your anime files...you will need a anidb account


[Image: watched-clearlogo.jpg]

If my replies help you, please click on my reputation [Image: rep_xbmc.JPG] below :) thanks :)
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TillerTan Offline
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I'm not sure if it's a suggestion, or a bug but :

When I tried to add my whole collection into XBMC, I got ban A LOT from anidb.net, and I'd the problem that it created a .xml file in the cache for each series, but even for the series where I've been banned. So I'd xml file containing "Banned".
And the problem I had was that because the xml file was present in the case, the scrapper wouldn't retry to download the file on the next update of the library. I had to remove those dumb file myself.

I think it would be great if the scrapper was able to detect when we got banned, and to stop the analysis and/or removing useless xml files. (I'm sure if it's possible)

But anyway, great job.
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