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DEcosse Offline
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Beautiful! Painless & simple - just needed a couple of free file-converter programs and did it no time
Just replacing the file with same file-name of course makes it even simpler than editing the Startup.xml file.
I just re-named the non-audio one to 'XBMC-Intro-Video_old.mkv' and left it in the folder, if I decide to change it back once the novelty wears off Big Grin

[Image: super.gif]

p.s. had seen the comment where one user thought it was too loud - I had actually prepared to reduce the inherent volume in the file, but don't think it is overly loud to begin with unless the amp volume had been left seriously cranked up.
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Taza13 Offline
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hey there
I added cinema experience to my favs list I press down select it the panel closes and nothing happens... any ideas?

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Mudislander Offline
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Don't add it to Favourites as it's code is different. There's an option to add Cinema Experience in all the menu choices

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Thearttist Offline
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Stupid Newbie question here

is there an option to raise the menu bar on this MOD or am I missing it

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