[RELEASE] Xperience1080 2.1 for XBMC 12.x

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dimn Offline
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I just find out a "bug". I am running XBMC on xbmcbuntu and when I select filter in eather movies or TVShows XBMC crashes and start again.

Do you have any suggestions
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henrikyo Offline
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i love this skin, its the best.

however i have now all my video add ons and stuff under applications, i have 8 custom apps there.

Which now means i have 4 empty spaces under movies and 2 under tv shows

i filled this up with smart playlists, fks top rated movies, in progress movies etc etc and used custom logos. however is it possible to change just the colour of the square icons that is grey/black to a color.

kinda hard to explain, but look here:


i have it like this, however if u look under tvshows here, the color of the background is green. is there way to this without installing a mod. i dont like the grey/black background. i already have png's that are "see trough", so i just need to change the colour. i really dont want to use photoshop, because i dont understand it.

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