XBMC and transcoding on the fly

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Any idea when this will make it into XBMC? Possibly for Helix? I still see it on their roadmap, but not for any upcoming version. Would really like to ditch Plex.

Add on-the-fly video transcoding output ability to the Web Server and JSON-RPC API's for remote apps
Add on-the-fly audio transcoding output ability to the Web Server and JSON-RPC API's for remote apps
Add on-the-fly image transcoding output ability to Web Server and JSON-RPC API for remote apps
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(2013-08-08 07:18)Livin Wrote:  
(2013-01-03 23:46)steve1977 Wrote:  I am not disagreeing that Plex has some benefits, just saying that an interface to PMS will not be the right path ahead and this development time would be better spent on further developing the UPNP server, which would close all gaps to Plex...

Actually it would not come even close to Plex... UPnP only works on a LAN (local network). Plex streams across any network LAN or WAN or WWAN or whatever (e.g. the internet). UPnP does not solve anything. And, not sure why anyone would need to transcode to stream on a LAN... sounds like they just simply need to spend a few bucks and get better LAN equipment?

You basically just said "lan stuff only works on lan....plex does lan AND wan,.....not sure why anyone would want wan?"

Because the whole point of transcoding (on the fly) is to lower the video quality to the point that it can be streamed over wan. UPNP + web interface + transcoding on the fly = streaming over wan. XBMC is only missing one of those components.

Original reason I came to post:
BubbleUPNP on top of XBMC, if installed on a powerful enough CPU, works wonderfully (minus seek controls). But hey, at least I can stream to my android now over 3/4g without having to unrar! Take that, plex garbage.
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I don't like the "plex server" solution either it might be a great "service"but i don't want to rely on external services to do my transcoding it's also not open source atleast not completely
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