[MOD] Xperience1080+

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piernik Offline
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Post: #706
I'm on windows :/
I have to disable it in the skin or delete plugin?
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vybd Offline
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Post: #707
I only did disable it in the skin settings.
I'm not really good with windows command so I can't provide you an equivalent of the 'find' command for linux but
find . -name "extrafanart"  -delete
is bound to find and delete every folder named "extrafanart" in the directory you are. You can remove them by hand: there should be one of them in each tvshow folder and only one of them in your movies folder (if you have multiple movies folder, I guess there will be one in each).
Hope this help Smile.
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josch Offline
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Post: #708
Love this skin!

Any plans to support Gotham also?
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banggun Offline
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Still using and loving this skin to. An easier fix for those with Extra fanart using Gotham is to edit Dialogvideoinfo.xml file:

remove the following lines

<onload condition="Skin.HasSetting(ExtraFanart.Enabled)">SetProperty(extrafanart,.)</onload>
<onload condition="Skin.HasSetting(ExtraFanart.Enabled)">SetProperty(extrafanartshows,.)</onload>
<onload condition="Skin.HasSetting(ExtraFanart.Enabled)">SetProperty(extrafanartepisodes,.)</onload>
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Piers Offline
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Post: #710
I wish I had the skills to continue this mod, it provides the best of Xperience1080 with additions matching the quality of the original work and not altering too much. The other mod is very good, but removes too much of the overall design of the original skin.

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hentai23 Offline
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Post: #711
anybody plan on updating this , its still the best mod of xperience1080 , btw anyone know how to add the views from movies to files mode , youd expect all views to be available for everything , kinda odd , anyhow id appreciate it alot
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jimmylqd Offline
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I'm a bit of a noob to this, but I'm having problems getting the subtitles to work on this skin. When watching movies, pressing the subtitle icon on the bottom bar doesn't seem to bring up the subtitle menu. I noticed that in Settings -> Skin -> Add on, that the "Subtitle add on" doesn't do anything, however the "Songtext add on" right below, is showing a menu when I click on it.

Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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