Windows - HOW-TO setup Boblight for Windows and Boblight XBMC

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(2014-03-04 04:01)Krazed Wrote:  Update on where I'm at with mine. I'm finding boblight runs a lot better, but doesn't seem to be picking up the colors from scenes as well as prismatik was. For example, some dark scenes are displaying with a bright orange sort colored backlight, which is very distracting. I hope a lot of this can be fixed with the boblight xbmc add-on's custom configuration, but I haven't had much of a chance to play around with the settings in that yet. Anyone have any recommended settings for those?

Edit: Just been playing around with these setting now. Bringing down the saturation in the add-on configuration makes a big difference. I've set it as 1 in my custom configuration (default for fast and slow is 3) and the colours are much better now.
Current settings I'm working with are:
Speed - 50
Autospeed - 0
Interpolation - off
Saturation - 1
Value - 10
Threshold - 10
Nice to see you arrived at the same settings independently Big Grin. To be clear for others, the default configurations for boblight make no sense (at least for lightpack). They both have high saturation and value and no threshold at all, meaning it blows up the smallest bit of color, completely destroying any darkish scene. The speed at 100 also doesn't seem to work well for fast scenes or any panning when there's multiple colors, therefore these settings work the best. I have the same except I have saturation at 1.2. However, I've got my boblightd config at saturation 1, so I'm guessing the result is similar.

For reference, here is my settings.xml for boblight:
    <setting id="bobdisable" value="false" />
    <setting id="bobdisableonscreensaver" value="false" />
    <setting id="files_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="files_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="files_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="files_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="files_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="files_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="files_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="hostip" value="" />
    <setting id="hostport" value="19333" />
    <setting id="livetv_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="livetv_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="livetv_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="livetv_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="livetv_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="livetv_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="livetv_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="movie_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="movie_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="movie_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="networkaccess" value="false" />
    <setting id="other_misc_initialflash" value="true" />
    <setting id="other_misc_notifications" value="true" />
    <setting id="other_static_bg" value="false" />
    <setting id="other_static_blue" value="128" />
    <setting id="other_static_green" value="128" />
    <setting id="other_static_red" value="128" />
    <setting id="overwrite_cat" value="false" />
    <setting id="overwrite_cat_val" value="0" />
    <setting id="sep1" value="" />
    <setting id="sep2" value="" />
    <setting id="sep3" value="" />
    <setting id="tvshow_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="tvshow_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="tvshow_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_value" value="1.000000" />
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I have a pretty basic question,
which one of these led strips do I need for boblight?
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I used LEDs like these to built them into a frame behind my TV:

I have a (maybe stupid) question on the boblight configuration creator: I have 100 LEDs, with the first LED being the 9th from the right at the bottom, and then the LEDs go counterclockwise. In total, I have 16 LEDs on the left and right and 34 at the top and bottom. So do I have to put 12, 13, 9 or 25, 0, 9 into the configuration creator? I toggled the bottom right radio button to define the start.

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Dont change the radio button for the start and set it to counterclockwise.

Had to use "-" space kinda messed up the format.
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