Frodo - Shared Library Thumbnail Updates & Mulitple PCs

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Have you tried this in your advancedsettings.xml? Works for me.

<to>smb://MAINWORKSTATION/Master Library/XBMC/userdata/Thumbnails/</to>
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spchtr Offline
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That did not work for me. the file in /portable_data/user_data/Databases/Thumbnail.db needed to be the same on each machine and appears to only be modified when scanning the library.

Since I did not want to rescan the library from each machine, I simply copy that file to each machine.

The thumbnails folder however is already substituted to an smb share.

I believe what was happening is the #.jpg that was in Thumbnails/1,2,3,4, etc... was being listed in the Thumbnails.db in the Databases folder.

It might have something to do with the hashes of the url's being unique to each machine. Or the hashes are only being generated when the library is scanned.

It appears to be storing these hashes in the Databases/Thumbnails.db and not in the Thumbnails folder itself. That (Thumbnails folder) is just where the hash named picture files are stored.
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