DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available

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(2014-10-17 15:16)djoole Wrote:  Thanks Warner306

You weren't ou aren't still satisfied? What is your setup now. Still reclock and DSP?

As for loosing bitstream, do you loose in quality if reclock decode DTS HD or Dolby TrueHD and passes it to the AVR in PCM?

You should have no loss in quality by choosing PCM output, and Reclock requires this for proper A/V sync. The bitstream is simply unpacked and sent to your receiver as raw PCM.

Personally, I could never get 24p playback to work 100% without some sync issues, so I went back to 1080p60. I don't think 24p playback is all that anyways. It is a mode designed to work with some flicker from a theater projector to compensate for the low framerate. Without that natural flicker, I can see judder in any pan shot that is no better than 3/2 pulldown with 60p playback. Artifacts are also sometimes present. Losing audio sync at times isn't worth the native framerate, imo. I think 24p playback is an overhyped feature for home theatre use.
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Well for now i'll be hanging with vanilla because i finally could get rid of my lip sync issues!

It's off topic, but as it might interest somebody I'll post my config :

- Display mode : Full screen
- Resolution : 1920x1080P
- Simulate full screen with window : no
- VSYNC : always

- Adjust refresh rate : always
- Pause during refresh rate change : 1 sec
- Sync playback with display : no

- Rendering method : DXVA-HD
- Decoding method : hardware accelerated
- Activate hardware acceleration (DXVA2) : yes
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