Android - Syncing unwatched episodes to mobile device (copying the file)

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Hi all!

Not sure if I am posting in the right forum, but I had an idea. I've got XBMC running on my MacBook which had a huge amount of TV shows, maintained using SickBeard. So every week new episodes appear, and get scanned correctly into XBMC which is awesome. I just look through my library for any unwatched episodes and grab some popcorn and voila, quality time.

Now I also travel a lot. When I am traveling by train, portability of my laptop is a tiny bit troublesome, as is batterylife. I am sure this sounds familiar to a lot of people. Recently I acquired an android tablet, and ofcourse one of the first things I installed was XBMC for Android. Now I have this vision, I want unwatched episodes in my homelibrary (let's call it just that) to be synced to my tablet, and in the best case scenario appearing in the XBMC library on the tablet.

The way I see this is as follows:
- On the MacBook a service is running listening for the tablet to appear in my wifi network.
- Once the tablet appears a script triggers scanning the watched status of episodes.
- Any unwatched episodes get transferred over wifi to the tablets storage

Just this would be awesome already. Even better would be:
- Once XBMC starts on the tablet the library is cleaned of any missing episodes (as in removed).
- Once XBMC closes on the tablet a script runs removing episodes with watched status.
- The watched status stays in sync between tablet and laptop

I am willing to code most of this myself (if it doesn't exist already), I just don't know where to start.
Any ideas?

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You can probably write a small application using the json-rpc interface.

It provides a function "VideoLibrary.GetEpisodes" to retrieve a list of all your episodes with playcount, lastplayed, filename, ...
and a function "VideoLibrary.SetEpisodeDetails" to modify the playcount/watched status of a file

You can extract a list of all episodes on both xbmc instances and use that to sync the playcount between the two xbmc installations. You won't be able to compare the episodes by their id since they will be different on both installations but it shouldn't be that hard to match them using something unique like a combination of show title, season number, episode number....

To clean the video library you can use " VideoLibrary.Clean"

If you have questions about json-rpc the best thing is to ask for help in the json-rpc forum section

wish you good luck
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I too, and looking for something like this.
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the Plex mobile apps work perfectly for this. They have a feature called PlexSync (paid), that does this.

I prefer XBMC for the HTPC experience, but for mobile, Plex can't be beaten (because of the PlexSync feature)
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Has there been any development on this issue. Would you like any help?
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Hey man.. any success in writing those scripts ?
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