[FIX] Artist Slideshow not working

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So I noticed that artist slideshow is not working.

A quick look in ~/.xbmc/addons/skin.xeebo/720p/MusicVisualisation.xml shows that while the script is started, there is not MultiImage control for the images.

To fix it just edit the above file and add:

<control type="multiimage">
    <imagepath background="true">$INFO[Window(Visualisation).Property(ArtistSlideshow)]</imagepath>

To the very top of the <controls> tag.

On my system, I also had to change
<onload>RunScript(script.artistslideshow, daemon=True)</onload>
to make sure the script noticed the artist updates.

Hope this helps someone.
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stewenner Offline
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Thanks, this was a huge help!
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laytechs Offline
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adding the code worked for me also. thanks.

Why would it not work like it should by defaultConfused?
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