IPTVSimple PVR-addon with XMLTV EGP

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Saludos tengo un gran problema con este pvr existen canales que en simpletv se ven normalmente pero al utilizar este plugin en XBMC se cortan a los 10 segundos, existe alguna actualizacion del archivo XBMC_IPTV_Simple_win32.dll?

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Greetings I have a big problem with this pvr have channels that are normally seen simpletv but using this plugin in XBMC are cut at 10 seconds, is there any upgrade XBMC_IPTV_Simple_win32.dll file?
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Trying to get iptv working, if I set it up as per instructions using the remote link for the channel list it works. When I create a m3u list from available links, the channels that start with http play fine but most are rtmp and I can't get any of these streams to play - heeeeeeeeelp!!!!
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Question  RE: IPTVSimple PVR-addon:Channels and EPG Timezone support
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My first exposure to Media Centres and IPTV etc with a recently installed IPTV Simple Client for LIVE TV and EPG on my new Minix X7 Android 4.2.2. box running XBMC Gotham 13.3 so please understand if I do not explain myself well.
I have gotten up to speed generally and have LIVE TV and streaming from the net and also media streaming wirelessly from my home network PC's media library to the Minix however, I still have a couple of issues which are bugging me and which I have not been able to resolve even with help from the Minix forums. Hoping someone here can help? .

The issues below have to so with the fact that I am an Australian (arguably English speaking Tongue ) expat currently living in Thailand but I suppose anyone in a timezone different to the EPG would be affected:

1. IPTV Simple Client Timezone (TimeShift?) Adjustment.
To deal with local timezone adjustments in his excellent YouTube tutorials Brandon ("Vdubt25") makes mention of changing the Timeshift value in the EPG (http://is.gd/vguide2) config for the IPTV Simple Client to adjust for your timezone. I have played around with this a couple of times moving the shift back and forward with restarts of XBMC but it doesn't make any difference to the EPG display? My timezone is UTC +7. I'm not sure what the base EPG UTC is but I guess that's only relevant when and if I get the adjustment working. Oh, my setup for Android on the Minix ox is UTC+7 or Thai time.

2. Global XBMC Language and Region Settings
In the International Settings for Language and Region you can select English only for the US,UK, AU and NZ regions. The Language setting then effects the Regions you can choose and for English it supports a 12 or 24 hour clock in US, UK, AU & NZ only?

I'm not sure if this has any impact on the EPG times but being resident in Thailand English is not selectable? At present I have my Language set as English (AU) and Region as Australia due to my being an Aussie of course.
Also, on the top RHS of the EPG display in the Confluence (default) skin the time is shown as my Minix Android time (my local time in Thailand).

Can anyone clarify any of the above and how these settings work and interact?

3. Channel List and EPG
It seems the Channel List (http://xty.me/vdubt25) doesn't appear to show all the channels? During the channel and EPG loads from the net (not cached) when I open XBMC the first time with the Simple IPTV client I was presented with over 300 channels and it now shows over 400 but I only see about 150 actual channels in both the Channel List and the EPG shows even less? It seems like it may be showing correct accumulated numbers but not actually loading all of the information when I load XBMC and it refreshes off the URLs?
BY the way. a suggestion to reset the EPG database didn't work.

Are these software glitches or can I fine tune settings like set a start-up delay or or something?

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Lightbulb  RE: IPTVSimple PVR-addon with XMLTV EGP
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Since posting the above I have had a few hours to research further and found the following:

1 and 2. Timezones and Timeshift for EPG, Languages and Regions.
I a still somewhat hazy on the below and it is confusing so I hope my description is clear enough and apologise if not. If anyone has a better explanation or guide as to how the EPG works I would really appreciate it.

Firstly, I have found the Timeshift adjustment does work if you make the Timeshift adjustment then reset the EPG database in the Add-On and Live TV settings.
The confusion I had was that I was expecting all the channels no matter the country to show what was on at "my" current time according to the EPG. However, this appears not to be the case.
The EPG shows the times offset for each area served by a channel shown.

For example, let's say it is 6pm and you are in the U.K. The EPG shows a BBC Evening News 6-7pm program and as expected, that is what is on when you switch to the channel.
However, if you then switch to a U.S. channel you see a particular Sitcom but that does not show on the EPG at 6pm. Rather, the EPG shows it at 23:00 using an hours offset from current UK time.

Seems to me it would be much better if the time on your EPG showed the Sitcom that is showing on the US Channel "now" in your time or in the above case at 6pm and not 23:00 (or whatever). Maybe it does but I have not found out how to achieve it yet and looking for guru advice.

If I have the above upside down or around the wrong way please let me know as I would love to hear from anyone who can provide an correct or more accurate guide and/or better information and I would love to get a more "sensible" time display based on my timezone to show me what is on "anywhere" at a set time using one zone as the base (mine).

3. Channel List and EPG.
The and the EPG does not sync with the Channels listing as far as I can tell. I have no idea why only some of the channels are included in the EPG as many I can see when looking through the Channel list do have an EPG I have seen elsewhere (eg local cable listings). Nor do I know why not all of the channels in the channel list are reflected in the EPG list? I see we are told "it is what it is" and "they come and they go" but I don't understand enough to know why it changes so much? Like I said originally I'm still a newbie so if you can "show me the light" I would appreciate have my electrons lit up. Wink

(2014-09-11 00:34)Tip_Top Wrote:  Does this work with android devices?

Yes it does.....Mostly.
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