IPTVSimple PVR-addon with XMLTV EGP

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Jsat that made epg for vdubt25 has already said epg is based on UK time and is not able to be changed.
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Please read this post http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1339559
The author of the pvr-addon explains all the tags you can use in the .m3u file.

tvg-shift=X might be of interest for you. does not matter what timezone your epg is, you can still override it in the m3u file for each channel. The X in the above tag, can be negative or positive integer.

I use this for my UK channels.

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Today, I've downloaded XBMC for my Android device tried to activate IPTV Simple Addon inside. Unfortunately, I was unable to enter the path to my M3U-File, because there is no QUERTY keyboard showing up. Copy/paste is impossible also, because if I'm long-tapping the input box, I just get back to the main menu. Please, could you fix this, and activate QUERTY keyboard on the addon's menu?

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(2014-05-12 14:34)Gregoire Wrote:  
(2014-05-10 17:49)Sajk Wrote:  
(2013-05-01 10:52)CrimsonGT Wrote:  Is it possible to set backup streams via the m3u file? When using "TV Guide" addon and .strm files, I could specify multiple streams in case one failed. It would be nice to be able to set a backup stream for this PVR and if the first one fails to load after X seconds, it falls back to use the second one instead.

Has there been any progress regarding this?

I was looking for a solution myself and I think I found a way to do this. You need a top-level and a second level m3u file. Here is how it works. First you make the second level m3u file in which you put all the links pointing to the same channel for instance like all the streaming links to BBC 1 (I never watch BBC but then everybody knows what I am talking about). You put the link with the highest resolution you like on top and work your way down to the one with the least resolution. Off course if you're smart you only take links that you know work most of the time. You call that one m3u file BBC_1.m3u" and store it somewhere where you can link to for instance your NAS with FOR INSTANCE ip-adres Then you make the top-level m3u file in which you put the link to the second level m3u file. The line should read like this;
It's a lot of work but this should work.

Good luck!

Your second level m3u, does it look exactly like the first one with all the tags or is it just a list with all the links?
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edit : nvm I didnt enable iptv lol
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