HOW-TO synchronize XBMC between every room in the house: Wiki Edition

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Ned Scott Offline
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Quote:and created xbmc_video and xbmc_music databases

That's the problem. Go back and follow the wiki's instructions. Do not manually create any databases. Make sure to drop the existing MySQL DBs so that XBMC can create fresh DBs for you.

You can make easy links to the XBMC wiki using double brackets around words: [[debug log]] = debug log, [[Add-on:YouTube]] = Add-on:YouTube, [[Adding videos to the library]] = Adding videos to the library, [[userdata]] = userdata, etc
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MilhouseVH Offline
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CREATE database xbmc_video;
CREATE database xbmc_music;
GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'xbmc';

Why are you creating the databases - the Wiki doesn't say you should be doing this. Just leave the job of database creation to XBMC. Hardly surprising you've got a problem when you go off piste. Also naming the video (with the <name> tag in advancedsettings.xml) usually causes more problems - do you really need to use a custom name prefix? If not, don't.

Also turn on debug log and check xbmc.log for errors, or upload the log on or if you still can't spot the problem.

Edit: Ned beat me to it - that'll teach me to leave a post open for an hour before hitting reply... Smile

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duncang92 Offline
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All sorted ...... as you say no need to create the databases AND especially don't use the name variable in advancedsettings.xml - the databases in mysql are redundant and I may delete them one day to keep things tidy.

One XBMC instance is now scanning my tv database ...... once it has finished then I can do the same for movies. The original databases were due for a good cleanup and so starting again will be good.

I know there will be tweaking to do afterwards but that can wait and since I've now read all of the posts in this forum I am sure that you have all run into any issues I may find.

Now I can go to the pub and enjoy a nice pint to celebrate.

Cheers, Duncan
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salar521 Offline
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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I'm sure it'll greatly benefit the community.
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jonatan Offline
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I need help
I got mysql sever running on synology nas 3 clients (2 windows 7 and ouya) i got them all connected to database the all working well except my 2nd instance of windows 7 my 2nd client when i go into tv show it shows poster.jpg but when i go into seasons no poster and then when i go into each season i got no fanart or thumbnails my other 2 clients display all art just not one windows 7 machine
All features work
Update libary
Watched flag
Just no tv show art on 2nd instance w7

I scraped my tv collection with emm and all is working thanks anyways

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