CCM - Confluence Customizable Mod

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(2014-08-24 14:26)IchBinLuda Wrote:  The link is broken. Can you repost?


(2014-08-22 12:58)Angelinas Wrote:  New stabil version of Kodi 14 is near ,I started to change this version of skin CCM.

Changes in Helix...(many of big changes)
I change PVR (liveTV) ,becouse this TV have rewriten by xhaggi,and work well.
New in Helix is to use can change view of TV channels
Concept of view is different from video,music,addonn...I must built from begenning all new views (old is visible in ID="50")
Old confluence for Helix ,have only one view...List id "50",CCM will have all Smile
I try to make to CCM view :BigList,Posters,Logo,BigLogo,Lendscape,Wall,3DWall.....


Would it be possible to make the skin with the option of having 7 icons instead of 5? That is really the one thing about others I miss in this skin.

Also, I have customized the skin for my own use (look at link above), and I am curious if there is a way to incorporate my guisetings.xml contents into the default of the skin.
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As i understand there is a repo you can use. Apply as developer and you will be able to commit your changes and author will check them and merge.
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