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(2014-09-14 14:32)maka Wrote:  Has anyone had problems with the script cleaning things that are in the exclusion folders? I assume this is because of my setup somehow. My exclusion folder is included in my library, could this be the reason?

I've made it like that so that XBMC will see the movies as there, until I take manual action (delete them or move them to my "sorted folder").

Wonderful script btw, really saves time on cleaning up your library. Instead of looking through hundreds of movies I just have to check through maybe 10 once a week.

My current folder setup is specified below. All
"D:\library\Movies" | This is where all my movie downloads are unpacked too, my main XBMC movie folder.
"D:\library\Movies - Need sorting" | Where XBMC File Cleaner quarantines files. This is also part of my movie lib.
"D:\library\Movies - Sorted" | Excluded directory in XbmcFC. This is where I move the files that I want XbmcFC to keep even if they fit the filter.

My problem is that it moves files from "D:\library\Movies - Sorted" to "D:\library\Movies - Need sorting"

Best regards
I'm not sure why this happens, your folder structure looks fine. Any movie starting with the excluded path should never be touched. It also must be in the library, because if it wasn't then the addon doesn't know about it being watched. I'm afraid I can't solve your problem without looking into the log files. Please see the first post about how to do that.

(2014-09-28 17:14)ijourneaux Wrote:  I use Sickbeard to download TV episodes. Since I am running out of disk space I was looking at trying to implement the FileCleaner service add-on. My problem is that some series I like to keep around, other can be deleted after they are watched. I know that the file cleaner has a ability to exclude upto 3 folder from cleaning but I don't what to screw up SickBeard.

How do people have their folder structure setup to simplify the integration of Sickbeard File Cleaner.
What you can do is move series you absolutely want to keep to a separate folder, and then you add this folder as a new source for Sick Beard and at the same time exclude it from cleaning. This will mean Sick Beard has to rescan and update your shows, but the next time you add a show you only have to decide whether deleting is allowed or not and choose the source folder accordingly.

(2014-09-28 19:31)media-man Wrote:  Hi!

Great idea of an addon!
I installed t but unfortunatelly it does not work.
I have configured it properly and when I run it ther is the message "no cleaning is required" although there are films an tv shows which are marked as watched.

What can I do that tey are moved/deleted?

I run XBMC on a raspberry
Have you enabled cleaning for either movies, tv shows or music videos? It is required that you at least enable one of these, otherwise no cleaning will be performed at all. If you have, and still nothing is being cleaned I will need to see your logs. See the first post for details on how to do that.

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Today the addon seems to work. Butt only on newly watched episodes. The episodes I marked yesterday aren't deleted.
What causes this strange behaviour?
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