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Hi there!

I've been using Bello / Bello Nero for quite a long time now and have been loving it ever since.
However, there seems to be a nasty little bug, since you updated to Gotham (maybe just me):

First things first: I am using MPC-BE as an external player on Gotham 13.2. This is properly set in playercorefactory.xml and has been working for a long time.

Now: Since the update I am unable to start a movie from the video-info screen. Whenever i press enter there to start a movie XBMC freezes instantly and doesn't recover.
What I can do is start the movie by pressing C when it's highlighted in the library, then selecting "Play with" and then choosing MPC-BE from the list of available players. Works flawlessly.

What's odd is that it works for TV shows (starting episode by pressing play from episode info screen)...

Any ideas on this? I've uploaded a log with debugging ON here: http://pastebin.com/5HG8Z0xC - the interesting bit seems to be in the last lines...

My playercorefactory looks like this:
   <player name="MPC-BE" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="true" video="true">
     <filename>C:\Program Files (x86)\MPC-BE\mpc-be.exe</filename>
     <args>"{1}" /fullscreen /monitor 3 /play /close</args>
  <rules action="prepend">
   <rule name="AllVideo" video="true" player="MPC-BE">
     <rule name="InternetStream" internetstream="true" player="dvdplayer"/>

P.S.: Anyone else getting a script failure on ExtendedInfo script? Has been like that for some time now. EDIT: Nvm. - had the wrong script - was running the newest from phil65 - nessus' works fine...

Other than that: Thanks for your great work. I'd thank you endlessly if you could resolve my issue and update soon.

Greetz, Unr3aL67

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