Support Thread for libstagefright

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ozNick Offline
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Post: #1471
Is there anything else I can test - am I able to change a parameter, change something or do my own modified build?

As mentioned above MX Player works with HW+ mode and in Kodi 14 nighlies, the libstagefright does affect the screen, with pixelisation in the top left so I am hoping

Thanks, Nick
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kraakie Offline
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Post: #1472
I am using a Ac Ryan Veolo2 with a rk3188 chip

I replaced the file in the fw with a newer one from another player fw with the same chip.

If i run kodi or gotham with libstagefright on and mediacodec off i still have stuttering video 1080p

If i use Beyond xbmc 3.4 i have no stuttering video in 1080p ?

I think i really have to recompile the libstagefright

I found the source but i have no idea how to compile that

Is there somewhere a tutorial how t compile this kind of sources ?

Thank you in advance
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Koying Offline
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Post: #1473
Try spmc (
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kraakie Offline
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Post: #1474
Thnx Koying works finally good Smile

Your the best Wink
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mik23 Offline
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Post: #1475
Hi All,

I am new to form i have rk3066 pipo mart 3 and gotham can I use this patch if so please advice
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Hedda Offline
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Post: #1476
Does anyone have a nightly build of latest Kodi master with the patches from pull request #5374 merged in?

This is suppose to add initial HEVC / H.264 support for StageFright and MediaCodec so be nice to test it.
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giant25 Offline
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Post: #1477
I'm really like SPMC for the Fire TV but am wondering if deinterlacing is going to be enabled for libstagefright. Is there a limitation preventing this? When I choose mediacodec, I can deinterlace but it skips frames. I watch a lot of mpeg2 PVR TV via the pvr.wmc plugin and it really needs to be deinterlaced to be watchable. Thanks.
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mo123 Offline
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Post: #1478
I hope developers can start work on RK3288 devices soon.

The #5374 pull request adds HEVC support and almost working correctly.

Only problem left is in
UploadStfBufTexture", the frame-rate is about 22~25 fps but the 4k video source frame-rate is 30 fps.
Because of that video playback is a little bit stuttering.

If that can be fixed, 4K videos will play perfect on XBMC.

Since the SDK and source code of RK3288 and VPU, Libstagefright are freely available it shouldn't be that hard as previously with the RK3188 devices.
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AVRaskatov Offline
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Post: #1479
Using an ARM based TV using a "MSTAR MSD6369IV" Android 4. MX Player

The test files is a 720p/1080p video played by upnp.
During XBMC playback (13,2 & 14), the screen is just black with the exception of the a few pixels in the top left. The audio plays, through.
Local media player and MX Player in HW accel mode the file plays fine.
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