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lou_cyfer Offline
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Post: #16
tried it with gotham... my experience:
- seems to work "somehow" with playlists, no resume on second start of XBMC
- does not start the service reliable
- does not "resume" reliable
- can crash even windows (thanks dude)

I'm not complaining, just "reporting" Smile

I checked the content of xbmcresume.db with "SQLlite manager":
- after xbmc ALT-F4, "audio" and "audio_playlist" in the DB-file can become "null" / "blank" => no resume (for actual audio file played) possible.
=> buggy (I guess, for some reason the service writes data during xbmc-exit, which could be null)
- after xbmc "exit button", "audio" and "audio_playlist" seem to by ok => resumable (dont know how reliable)

I really wonder, why such an essential feature is not provided by XMBC intrinsicly.
I love XBMC, but this is a killerfeature missing for years now !
Would LOVE to have it for car, "internet radio PCs" or my cellar-bar-PC Wink
All this units run just by "power on".. and XBMC is the dead end Sad

I used a wired setup with curl/.bat/eventghost/.py so far to "autoresume"... but its pain to setup & far from being perfect.
This feature belongs to XBMC and shouldn't be an "add on/externally".

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ProGEEK Offline
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Wink  RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Resume
Post: #17
I have found this to work flawlessly and love it.
My only gripe would be the lack of being able to disable the "Resuming" progress dialog. IMHO, A simple notification would have been sufficient and a toggle setting to enable/disable.

Other than this, works a treat! Use it for my Car PC and its great not having to select music every time I turn the key on. Big Grin
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