Work in Progress - Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Discussion Thread

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It seems that I can only use Ember to create .nfo files.

It does a great job of finding artwork, fanart, clearart, disc art etc.....but none of it is recognized by XBMC.

I'm using Frodo and have tried telling artwork downloader to use local art but unless I use XBMC scraper, those images saved by Ember are pointless. Even at that......xbmc downloader just redlownloads and replaces what I have.....making all the work I have done, using ember, pointless/in vain.

I have been at this all day and haven't had any luck. Also, I had Ember generate thumbnails for actors but xbmc won't pick them up at all. It seems, unless xbmc scans and saves them to my local hard drive, it won't show actor thumb nails. While this may not seem like a big deal, I have a small SSD that is running out of space.

I have my movies on other drives,with all the artwork saved their, but xbmc will not pick it up, regardless of the settings I apply. Any idea what could be happening here? It seems xbmc is ignoring all of the work I've done in ember, even though I selected "frodo" settings under the options in ember.
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