Work in Progress - Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Discussion Thread

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boppyman Offline
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Thanks it works brilliantly now.

I guess i can get rid of all the <filename>-imagetype.ext's now to free up some space because they are not needed?

Only leaving <filename>-poster.jpg and <filename>-fanart.jpg?

EDIT: How would i go about cleaning the folders up?, i haven't used EMM for a while i remember it used to have a clean-up function because i used it and lost everything LOL
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SmoothEmJay Offline
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I literally just reinstalled VLC *with* ActiveX plugin and I still can't access the "Edit Movie" dialogue. Granted this is on 64-bit hardware.

Never mind, had to install the 32 bit version of VLC for it to work.
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sanjonny Offline
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I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or misunderstanding how it is supposed to work. I have some tv shows and they were not scraped or whatever properly in the past. When I use the latest version I can see in the list that they are missing the fanart or whatever. I thought that when I did the refresh data, since it pulled images, it would pull the missing info/art or whatever, but it does not seem to do that.

I have to rescrape to be able to get the updated images or the missing images. Since I have many of these via the changes over the last couple versions and of course my own preference changes and understanding, that seems to mean that I would have to rescrape almost my entire tv library to get the ones that are missing something. I had thought that refresh data would do that since it goes thru the image process.

I guess I want to make sure I get this right or if there is a problem and if I have it wrong, why does refresh data download images and such anyway. I guess I am confused how it is supposed to work. I originally though refresh data would just pull the new info for current tv shows like active ones where we do not know the new episode titles yet, but then I saw it doing images and thought they just would update them, but now I am just confused. Everything else seems to be working great so far.

And a third question. What is the consequence if I have a network location that only is on part time vs my main locations that are on full time. When the database is updated when installing a new version or whatever, will that location lose all the info until it is back online, or is there a way to have it only scrape that location when manually done. I read the thread about this a few places but don't quite understand how this works currently as it seems the changes that are documented are not how it seems to work (at least what I have seen)

Thanks for all your hard work
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(Yesterday 19:13)DanCooper Wrote:  
(Yesterday 18:50)publicENEMY Wrote:  
(Yesterday 10:46)DanCooper Wrote:  

As I have already written:

To disable trailer link scraping in NFO:
- disable Trailer in Movies -> Scrapers-Data -> Scraper Fields - Global (if you want that existing links in movie NFOs be deleted: enable Cleanup disabled Fields and do a rescrape)

To enable trailer downloading:
- check Enable Trailer Support in Movies -> Scrapers-Trailer
- enable one or more trailer scrapers in the list

Ahh. That clear things up. And by rescrape you mean Update Library?


No, Update Library does only search new files.

You can use this little trick to clean all trailer fields in NFO:
- disable trailer in global scraper fields
- enable "Cleanup disabled fields"
- Use "Custom Scraper" in "Scrape Movies" menu to rescrape only trailer links (select only NFO as Modifier and Trailer as Options)

Now Ember starts to rescraping trailer links, but Ember does clear the field if trailers are not enabled in settings :-)
We are working on a proper solution to clean specific fields, but this should be working also.

Thanks. Will do that.
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