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(Yesterday 00:09)sanjonny Wrote:  I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or misunderstanding how it is supposed to work. I have some tv shows and they were not scraped or whatever properly in the past. When I use the latest version I can see in the list that they are missing the fanart or whatever. I thought that when I did the refresh data, since it pulled images, it would pull the missing info/art or whatever, but it does not seem to do that.

I have to rescrape to be able to get the updated images or the missing images. Since I have many of these via the changes over the last couple versions and of course my own preference changes and understanding, that seems to mean that I would have to rescrape almost my entire tv library to get the ones that are missing something. I had thought that refresh data would do that since it goes thru the image process.

I guess I want to make sure I get this right or if there is a problem and if I have it wrong, why does refresh data download images and such anyway. I guess I am confused how it is supposed to work. I originally though refresh data would just pull the new info for current tv shows like active ones where we do not know the new episode titles yet, but then I saw it doing images and thought they just would update them, but now I am just confused. Everything else seems to be working great so far.

And a third question. What is the consequence if I have a network location that only is on part time vs my main locations that are on full time. When the database is updated when installing a new version or whatever, will that location lose all the info until it is back online, or is there a way to have it only scrape that location when manually done. I read the thread about this a few places but don't quite understand how this works currently as it seems the changes that are documented are not how it seems to work (at least what I have seen)

Thanks for all your hard work

First, Ember can only download posters, banners, fanarts and epsiode posters atm. All other image types like Landscape, ClearArt can only added manually in Edit Show/Season dialog.

Rescrape and Refresh Data is the same, but Refresh Data does not display the Image Select dialog.
That means, all existing show/season poster/fanart are untouched, Ember try to get missing posters/fanarts, download the latest info ZIP from thetvdb and rewrites all epsiode NFOs and episodes posters (thumbs).

Since version Ember do always check the age of existing info ZIP file. If it's older than 12h, Ember get again the latest info ZIP from thetvdb. This is very usefull to get new episode titles and informations.
The download process is controlled by this 12h age and your Re-Download settings.

For offline drives you have multiple options:
- disable "Clean Database after Update" in movie and tv show settings -> Ember do no longer check if a file is available
- set a movie source to "Ignore on DB Update" -> Ember only search for new movies on this source, if you have manually select the source in Update Database submenu (but this has nothing to do with cleaning DB or "Rescrape only online drives")
- do NOT manually start Tools -> Cleanup Database, this will cleanup all sources (same like in XBMC, offline movies will be removed from database)

We don't have a solution for "Rescrape only all online sources" or "Rescrape only all movie sources that no be irgnored by DB update"... or something else.

I think I understand, but I will say that when I did the refresh data, it did not pick up the missing images like fanart or posters that I may not have added in before in whatever setup I had, but it would add those images if I did rescrape. i did not select the images, it just on the rescape did actually pull them. It seems like as you explained it, something is not working correctly because for images that are missing, it should have pulled them on refresh data...I think?

Something else I found and I know this has been discussed before, i found a few tvshows that were not updating no matter what I did, and for those shows, I went into the director and deleted the tvshow.nfo and then it would rescrape properly. Even when I deleted the show from the database and rescanned, it would not update until I deleted the tvshow.nfo file for those rare ones that somehow get stuck.
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