CuBox-i a new possibility?

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(2014-04-17 11:18)macrho Wrote:  joelbaby - how are you running xbmc? geexbox? openelec?

I'm using geexbox. Openelec has been on development 'pause' for over 1 month with no new builds because they are focussing on releasing Openelec version 4 first. Geexbox has had many updates in that time.

I think the best builds to try are here:
Also here:

If you are going to try lots of different builds, then use the XBMC Backup plugin. You can backup your configuration to an attached drive, and then restore it to the new build. That way you don't have to reinput your library every time.

Maybe your PVR problem is due to a previous problem displaying 1080i content. I ran a 1080i test file at 28Mpbs and it was fine.
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Thanks joelbaby - I'm downloading one of the newest snapshots from geexbox and will get it installed this weekend
hopefully it'll run well, I'll report back
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