[RELEASE] Ace - Gotham

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puntloos Offline
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I think the author is still working through some stuff, but just FYI, a few minor niggles:

- The chosen font in black on white is unreadable (well, hard to read) in quite a few situations, e.g. settings menu.
- Lyrics and Next Track List (Playlist) fight for supremacy in fullscreen. Lyrics win. Why not put Next Tracks on the left side and show lyrics, if they are available, on the right hand? Alternatively, do not show lyrics unless requested (but there currently is no 'show lyrics' button I believe?)
- Artist slideshow rotates too quickly. Let the picture linger... I think this is fixable in the skin's internals but a menu option would be nice.

- Artist Info box does not handle special characters. e.g. it says things "é"
- File info (while playing) says - say - mp3, 44.1Khz, 160KBPS, 32B... - i.e. the word "Bit" is being cut off.

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Jhag Offline
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Post: #107

First of all I love this skin! But is there a possibility to add more than 5 playlists as a home menu item? I used them all, and the video nodes don´t show an widget....
I tried to edit the IncludesVIPMenu.xml, but I couldn´t manage it. Can someone help me please?
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Scott00007 Offline
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Post: #108
Sorry but I am missing how to use the Trakt script. I have the script installed but cannot figure out how to access the options for it. Please advise.
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AnthonyJS02 Offline
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Post: #109
Got to the addons section find trakt, hit "c" go to addon settings and should all be there.

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ProfessorKaos64 Offline
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Post: #110
This has made my retro gaming project (https://github.com/ProfessorKaos64/RetroRig/wiki) INFINTELY better!!!!!!!!!!

I CANNOT thank you enough. The RCB theming is perfect. The animations, the extra flyin menus for RCB, the fast speed of your theme.

I am forever grateful, than you so much!
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ElJimador Offline
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FYI if there's anyone else out there who's just getting around to updating from Frodo to Gotham in OpenElec and getting "dependencies not met" error messages trying to install Ace 6.0.2 from the zip file: you have to enable debugging through your system settings, open the XBMC debug log in WordPad and do a find on "skin.ace" to see what dependency it's referring to. In my case I didn't have OpenSubtitles and once I searched for that in addons and installed it I was then able to install Ace from the zip no problem.

Great skin btw. Thanks MarqosQui!
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musicadi Offline
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Post: #112

Great skin, thank you!

I just want to personalize it a bit and would need some help in finding the right variables.

What I would like to achieve:

1. Auto full-screen on music playback
2. EDIT> In karaoke mode, some kind of info panel during full-screen playback (while using CU LRC Lyrics) - seek bar , Title, Artist, Album info
3. In wide view mode, I would like to remove the fan art from the right side and only leave the song list, covering the full width of the screen, or maybe just wide enough to include all characters from the artist-title combination, without the need to scroll.

Thank you for your help!
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Reynald Online
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Post: #113
deleted , sorry
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adrian22 Offline
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I had Frodo and Ace. I updated to Gotham 3.2 and Ace for Gotham. Since then when I browse my music library my extrafanart is not working. The extrafanart option is selected on the top menu. Each artist has an extrafanart folder with all the images. It was working perfectly well with Frodo.

Another thing that was working with Frodo and now it stopped is the artist logo. When I was playing music the name of each artist was with a different logo/font. Inside each artist folder there is a logo. Now, with Ace for Gotham the artist logo is not showing of.

Thanks a lot and congratulations for the awesome work!
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