Release - TvTunes Addon - TV Show Theme Music while browsing

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(2014-04-23 14:52)PISTONRIPPER Wrote:  What TV Tunes source does PLEX use. I found it much better

That's because you didn't work with goear perhaps? It was rock solid with HD quality and plethora of soundtrack content plus the possibility for users to feed their own soundtrack content to the online database to share with the world. TvTunes had, for a while, access to an incredible amount of content. Anyway, the key thing here are the capabilities of the add-on to organise and play themes in so many flexible and convenient ways provided the content. These capabilities have no precedent in any HTPC software.



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New Scraper Beta

Hi all,

capfuturo has sent me a couple of different web site options for alternative scrapers for TvTunes after we have lost

I have messed about a little with and there is a VERY ROUGH beta available if people wanted to have a bit of a play. (I have not done too much testing with this - and it may well be tweaked and improved over time)

Please let me know how you get on.

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