Release - TvTunes Addon - Retrieve and play your soundtrack themes whilst browsing your library

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Thanks for taking a look!

To answer your questions....

- XBMC version is SPMC (XBMC developer Koying's ouya specific branch of XBMC) v13.2.0, as hosted here: This is identical to the official Ouya store version (I believe he builds those as well for Ouya), but with all the audio codecs still enabled. I could try updating to 13.2.1 which just came out, but these are problems I've had with multiple versions of XBMC.

- Regarding the delay in stopping theme playback: Yes, I do have fade out enabled. I will try disabling that. Perhaps that's the problem. It's playing as long as it should, but just isn't fading it? Because now that I think about it, it's just cutting off the sound pretty suddenly. I greatly prefer the sound of fading the sound out over cutting off suddenly, but as is it's just cutting off, better that it cut off at the right time, I guess. However, (I forgot to mention before) it sporadically decides to just cut off immediately and not even try to fade out sometimes and keeps doing that for a few minutes, before it reverts. It's weird.

- I have tested things with both the default skin Confluence and the Neon skin from the official XBMC repo. Problem is the same in both.

- Good idea about the theme in the root, but I just doubled checked and unfortunately there aren't any files in the root TV show directory, only folders. This was also an issue with 12.4.2. I actually can prevent the umprompted "3rd rock from the sun" theme playback by enabling a 1 second delay to theme playback. However, I would really like to avoid this if possible. There is already a significant delay in the themes playing so this setting just exacerbates that.

- I have the screensaver time set at default (3 min), but I can try lengthening it and report back. However, this particular issue was not a problem with previous versions of XBMC (but with the same directory of TV shows/themes).

EDIT: What do you mean by skin "hooks?" The script calls?

EDIT#2: I managed to steal a second from the TV watchers to check it out. Disabling fade out fixed ALL the issues, oddly. Any idea why this would be? Seems very odd.

EDIT#3:.....I take it back. It temporarily fixed it, but it's back to all the old issues again. Haven't restarted it or anything since then. Any other recommendations? I have set the screensaver up to 5 min, and of course disabled fade out.
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@timdog82001: the latest official XBMC version working for Ouya is XBMC Gotham for Android and the TvTunes's wiki supports the official XBMC release of Gotham. The SPMC's version is a mod, therefore its own developer needs to make sure it is in-line with the wiki, should they like support for TvTunes. On top of this, I am positively sure that this version you are using currently doesn't contain the wiki's latest onload instructions/control statements.

The hooks Rob refers to are specified in the TvTunes's wiki (link on 1st post of this thread) and they need to be added (adapted) to the DialogVideoInfo.xml if your skin doesn't contain them. This hooks have fortunately been merged into the XBMC master brunch recently which means XBMC is being or will be delivered with full support for TvTunes latest features on its default skin Confluence. This means that skinners issuing their own mods just need to echo Confluence's functionality and support for TvTunes, however as pointed earlier, the requirements are explained in TvTunes's wiki.

I totally agree with Rob's suggestions to you and I'll add the following recommendation:
1) Test the official XBMC Gotham for Android and make sure the DialogVideoInfo.xml contains the latest updates for TvTunes. Does TvTunes work now as expected?
2) If you still need to use this SPMC mod, then find Confluence's DialogVideoInfo.xml and make sure you add what its needed and then RESTART. If no success, contacting the SPMC developer is highly advisable.



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Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a shot and read deeper into the wiki as well.
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