Mac OS X - Fusion addon problems

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Hi, i'm new to xbmc and am trying in vain to install addons using fusion on my macbook. I'm using the instructions
I am getting stuck at the point where i give the address the name fusion. I get the error message

"Could not retrieve directory information
This could be due to the network not been connected
Would you like to add it anyway?"

I can connect to the website from safari, so i cannot see how i am not connecting from xbmc.
i have searched other threads with the same issue and they are usually as a result of misspelling the address, but i'm 100% certain i'm entering it correctly. I'm thinking it is something to do with permissions on my macConfused
I'm not an IT person so clear instructions/feedback will be greatly appreciated
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Welcome to the XBMC forums.

They ain't us and we don't know anything about their stuff, so you'd be better off asking them why it doesn't work. As an FYI, see this:
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