Linux - Radeon OSS with vdpau (howto)

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You run pulseaudio.

Audio Engine: SPDIF has only 2 pcm channels. DTS, AC3 are encoded via those 2 channels. It's obviously clear that you are not able to change Speaker Layout when running via SPDIF.
Settings missing? Read the FAQ:
No help without a proper Debug Log
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Thx, where can I change it? On Xbmc?

Edit: Ok, I have remove pulseaudio
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(Yesterday 11:38)TheCritter Wrote:  Thx, where can I change it? On Xbmc?
1. You can remove pulseaudio from system:
sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
but sound in Ubuntu will be broken.


2. You can kill pulseaudio before run XBMC. In standard instalation, pulseaudio server starts automatically after kill, so you have to disable it:
Edit pulse configuration file:
and add (or uncomment and change to "no") following line:
autospawn = no
In your unity/gnome session go to startup programs and add new command:
pulseaudio --start
Before run XMBC, kill pulseaudio:
pulseaudio --kill
After exit from XMBC, run pulseaudio, to restore Ubuntu sounds:
pulseaudio --start

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(2014-08-28 15:16)FernetMenta Wrote:  you can skip the log for 13.x, this version is of no interest. Do you roughly remember the last working Helix version?

Hai, wel, i do, the 9 august and before all worked ok with the keyboard.
I have this problem with the xbmc app over wifi.

as of the 15 august update it stopped working.
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