Linux - Radeon OSS with vdpau (howto)

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(2014-10-23 08:43)fritsch Wrote:  We are starting to release "kodi" and therefore there won't be any package in fernetmenta-master ppa anymore that is named xbmc.

For a smooth transition (for already installed versions) not very much needs to be done:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get remove xbmc xbmc-bin
sudo apt-get install kodi kodi-bin

Now edit the /etc/init/xbmc.conf and replace the /usr/bin/xbmc command with /usr/bin/kodi

on reboot everything should be fine. Your .xbmc directory will get automatically transfered.

Just a question: Will the kodi version also receive live tv support. Seems like the pvr addons are missing in the ppa and just copying the stuff from /usr/share/xbmc to /use/share/kodi did not work for me Sad so I went back to xbmc for now.
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noticed the same when i tried kodi on my desktop, no option to see non enabled addons.

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You need to copy:




This is probably a terrible idea for when the packaging is fixed, so remember this when you do an update...

Edit: or you know, your respective PVR addons from the /usr/lib directory

Edit2: or apparently this lets you watch recordings but not live tv
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