RaspBMC XBMC test builds

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miappa Offline
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Going AWOL for a while so here is the last build (from me) for the summer. Have a nice summer everyone! Big Grin

Updated Helix build, XBMC master from July 11 + newclock3 commits.

XBMC Master:
Master changelog
NB! Videodb updated 86 -> 87

• [rbp] Make cachemembuffersize default depend on memory size (256/512)
• [rbp] Make gui limit default to 720 when GPU memory is limited (<128)
• add a callback class for unrarlib rather than calling into guilib direct from UnrarXLib
• armv6: Acceleration for vector_fmul_window and butterflies_float used in AAC

With these new features, if cachemembuffersize is set to -1 (default in this build) it will default to 2MB if you have a 256 Pi and 20MB if you have a 512 Pi (gui limit will also default to different settings: 720/1080).
Your own settings in userdata/advancedsettings.xml will still be set.

GPU firmware from July 05 included

To install XBMC build, SSH to Pi:
wget -O xbmc-14-20140711-nc3.tar.gz http://goo.gl/0fc8QE --no-check-certificate
pv xbmc-14-20140711-nc3.tar.gz | tar xzf - -C /home/pi/.upgrade
sudo cp /home/pi/.upgrade/xbmc-14-20140711-nc3/{fixup_x.dat,start_x.elf} /boot
ln -sfn /home/pi/.upgrade/xbmc-14-20140711-nc3/xbmc-bcm /home/pi/.xbmc-current
sudo reboot

See post #1 for more info (testing, different players etc)
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vbat99 Offline
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Don't leave now. How am I gonna get my fix of bleeding edge...

Na, Have a Great Summer, from NZ in the throes of Winter.

Media Companion Dev.
Media Companion - XBMC Media Companion
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LehighBri Offline
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Hi there - per the thread below, the pvr.wmc addon was recently updated. It sounds like miappa typically would handle compiling it for rpi, but I hear he might be out.

Thoughts on how/who can help compile the latest pvr.wmc addon for rpi? More details below:

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ElectricPim Offline
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(2014-07-11 22:04)miappa Wrote:  Have a nice summer everyone! Big Grin

And thx to you and popcornmix for all the good work.

I just updated the latest testversion since somewhere end of May.
And it's really smoother, faster and better then before.

Except that I'm stuck in a power-off/reboot loop.
Any idea's?
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masterluke Offline
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miappa - Just wanted to say thankyou for your work and enjoy a well deserved holiday.
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Sam.Nazarko Offline
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Enjoy your holiday miappa

I'll take it from here
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