Intel NUC - HTPC (Haswell Late 2013 edition)

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(2014-10-09 14:25)VanZan Wrote:  I have OE and an Intel NUC with an mSata SSD. Also 2gb ram. I wonder would the log give any details in such a situation?

You shouldn't be having freezing in any skins unless you've got something really odd going on.

You should consider clean re-installing OE because it's possible that while setting things up and playing around with options you might have misconfigured something.

Also, you should be on a newer BIOS (UEFI) for the NUC than it ships with.
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the i3 nuc has mini HDMI and mini displayport.
can someone confirm if audio and video can be used on both of them at the same time?
or audio/video is output on only one of them at any given time?
I want to send hdmi to my receiver and displayport to tv.
(i know that i can connect my receiver to tv but sometimes I am going to use only Windows and do not need audio to turn on my 150 watts Denon receiver.)
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Don't know for the i3 specifically but, yes, that worked on my i5. It ran...

1) NUC (mDP out) -> mDP 2 VGA converter -> TV (VGA in)
2) NUC (HDMI out) -> HDMI switch (SPDIF out) -> Old AVR (SPDIF in)

...on Ubuntu 14.04, FernetMenta/Fritsch's deinterlacing-testing build (Kodi alpha4ish), but only for a pretty short time (due to video quality in the setup above).

So, might be worth a try.
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tomatow Offline
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(2014-10-07 23:54)VanZan Wrote:  Thanks for the reply....yeah I don't think my rubbish Sony remote control can do that unfortunately! I have a new problem that I've noticed though.....when I hit shutdown then the NUC seems to keep restarting but hibernated. Very very bizarre.

1. I didn't have much time to deal with remote, but I've managed to turn on IR sensor in NUC and to record signals for any IR remote I have. I've been trying this with Onkyo, and Epson devices. I can see in console codes each time I press any button. I can't connect this with XBMC yet. However, it seems very close.

2. I have also problems with turning NUC on after shutdown. I enable Deep S4/S5 Sleep in bios and it works.
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javiertoti Offline
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How long do you need with your mce remotes or compatible to fill completely the vol+ or vol- .

I have tried it with harmony300, harmony smart and another universal remote and takes around 12 SECONDS, too much.

I don't have this speed troubles if I connect an external Ir remote and send signals with an old xbox1 remote.

What can I do to speed up this? I tweaked a lot too with interkey delay ans repeat in harmony and nothing.

Intel Nuc i3 + 4gb ram
OE 4.0.3
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Is there anyway to use wake on lan without it keep rebooting or get it to boot up when I switch the tv on.I really want to mount it onto the back of my tv and could do with it booting up without having to press the power button.
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-DDD- Offline
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Maybe the Bios Function "Power On after AC Failure" is an option for you to Power On your NUC

| myHTPC |
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Fry7 Offline
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(2014-10-19 08:25)clarkie34 Wrote:  Is there anyway to use wake on lan without it keep rebooting or get it to boot up when I switch the tv on. (...)

Yeah, you can activate WoL in the NUC's BIOS and wake it from standby (S3) that way considering you can also activate/configure this inside your Os's nic driver.
But you could also try PulseEight CEC adapter (only tried their external adapater due to problems with the internal one and its pricing) if your tv/receiver support it.

Have tried both and can confirm that it works.

XBMC v13.2
MediaPortal TV-Server v1.8
OrigenAE S16V | Soundgraph VFD | Montellese's/cdenfert's XBMC on iMon Display
Core i3-2100T/HD2000 | Win7 x64
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I use hdmi and Mini DisplayPort, but on mdp i have only vĂ­deo, no sound. On mdp use an adapter, mdp to hdmi. Someone help me?
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TOMillr Offline
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Any word on if XBMC is going to support the new Ready-Mode Intel added with a firmware update a while ago?
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fritsch Offline
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Not planned at all.

"Your most vocal users are not reflective of your userbase" J.M.

Audio Engine: SPDIF has only 2 pcm channels. DTS, AC3 are encoded via those 2 channels. It's obviously clear that you are not able to change Speaker Layout when running via SPDIF.
No help without a proper Debug Log
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