Mac OS X - Retina MacBookPro GUI problems

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hunter_dev Offline
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I use gfxCardStatus and manually switch to discrete card - it helps and start in full color mode.

Any plans to support retina (high resolution) display?
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Memphiz Offline
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joker ... if i would know what is going wrong i would have already fixed it. But its burried in undocumented apple binaries - so no fix in sight (also i don't own a apple device with 2 GPUs).

It doesn't have to do anything with retina display but with the implicit GPU switch on multi GPU devices.

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Dav_St Offline
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I have the same resolution problem. I have set the resolution to 1900x1200. When I start XBMC I see a zoom of the main page (2nd image, which is a print screen of the entire screen) with this strange aspect (1st image, part of the screen). Then I hit cmd+f twice and everything go back to normal exept the resolution which goes back to 1440x900.
I have a macbook pro retina.

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you

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Mubbled Offline
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This issue is occurring in Gotham nightly builds as well (at least as at 7 days ago). If I toggle windowed display (I use \ not CMD+F) the effect goes away (YAY!). My resolution is simply set to "best for display".

I was 5 episodes in to the very excellent Bron|Broen before it wound me enough up to google. Issue particularly apparent where graduated light might be expected - dark to light for instance. Basically the image that DAV_ST has posted.
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Icebergx Offline
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I'm having this issue with the stable Gotham release... The CMD+F solution works well for me but if anyone has come up with a proper solution, I would appreciate it if they could share. Thanks.
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BerndVP Offline
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Hi everyone,

this issue is still remaining with XBMC v13.1
Only CMD+F twice will solve the problem, but it would be nice if it automatic would work from the first time you start the software....
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