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(Today 06:50)rob_webset Wrote:  Hi djhifi,

I'm not sure I follow much/any of your post, please can you post details of your exact directory/file structure (For a give TV Show). Then enable VideoExtras logging and perform the navigation to the info screen and Extras (posting the exact navigation you did) - and then turn off logging to keep the log small.

Also, what skin are you using, version of XBMC, OS?

Have you enabled the hooks as per the wiki?



I will dumb it down:

Skin Mq5, Gotham 13.2, Openelec latest version.
Not done anything skin related, cause as far as I understood it right, I don't need with this skin, right?

Problem I have, dumbed down is as follows:

I have various hard disks.

My folder structure for any tv shows is:

folder---TV Shows
folder------------The Walking Dead
folder-----------------The Walking Dead Season 1 (xxxx)
files-----------------------------------The Walking Dead S01E01 (xxxx)
files-----------------------------------The Walking Dead S01E02 (xxxx)

I have (as I said) various hard disks, which I purchase over time.

So for Walking Dead, for example, the first 4 seasons are on one HDD (let's call it HDD_A) and the newest season 5 is on HDD_B.
Of course all my HDDs have the same file structure.

When I create the Extras folder no matter what OUTSIDE any season folder but INSIDE the series folder (so, like this):

folder---TV Shows
folder------------The Walking Dead
folder-----------------The Walking Dead Season 1 (xxxx)

The extras don't show anywhere.

WHEN I put the Extras folder inside any season folder, they SHOW UP on the respective Season info dialog on the skin.

Why is this happening?

I wanted to press the "i" button on the series (not on every season) and see the extras right there.

I know XBMC has problems with multipath sources vs tv shows seasons (being addressed here:

But, I wonder, is this also related?

PS: Did not have time to test the above behaviour with TV Shows only stored in one location.
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