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im kind of having a hard time understanding where the tv is situated. From the first few screenshots it looks like you guys mostly like to sit and stare at the slot machines. Smile
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The slots are behind the sofa and the TV is in front of the sofa.
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(2014-04-30 23:16)tential Wrote:  Am I the only person who thought that 70 inch HDTV looked very tiny?
No offense OP, I have a 70 inch as well, and sometimes from certain pictures for some reason, I think it's tiny.

You think about going bigger at all? I have been eyeing the 80 inches more and more lol or a projector.

1st world problems....

Sorry haven't been around much...tooo much work.Rolleyes But it is funny you ask about the screen size, because I have started to research 120" screens. Before I am able to get the screen I first have to wait on my new set of speakers. Purchased some JTR 228HT for L/C/R. Once I have those installed I will have a better idea of how much room I have left for the placement of the screen. The other thing that is different now is I got rid of my couch and bought 3 leather theater seats, and also purchased an Emotiva XPA-3 for running the new L/C/R channels. Another new addition is a 11 roll hot dog roller and took out my hot dog steamer. Anyone want a cheap, slightly used hotdog steamer PM me. Smile

Other things I have in the works are new surrounds and subs. I haven't decided on the surrounds yet but for the subs if time permits will be a pair of 24" in a 15cube sealed enclosure(DIY). I am pretty sure that will give me plenty of floor shaking bass. Tongue

I will try and update this with new pictures once things start to progress.
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