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(2014-08-18 15:23)Talguy Wrote:  
(2014-08-18 15:02)hoopsdavis Wrote:  Krusty / Scarecrow, is there anyway when using the EPG guide, when you open the guide it goes to the last channel tuned, not just back to the top?

I know this works if you're still watching the channel, once you open the EPG guide you'll get the current channel you're on but if possible I'd like the guide to return to the last channel tuned (Or would this be a XBMC / Kodi developers request)
I think this is an issue in Gotham. I believe it is fixed in helix as I asked the developer xhaggi to fix that same bug

Great! Thanks for the heads up Talguy.

Are you currently using the nightly Helix build? If so are you having issues with EPG and Channel screens? I've tried one nightly build but all PVR screens are black, showing nothing

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FR - Webpage configuration.
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What is the ATSC subtitles situation?
I (like all the others) think this should be an essential feature of this great add-on!
From what I've read around this might be a XBMC issue, and not the add-on
itself, but I am just a user and it looked like a great place to ask that question Wink

Thanks for the great peace of software again!
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