From Subtitles add-on to subtitles service. The no-trouble How-to.

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(2014-04-15 22:34)pirit Wrote:

While debug logs are quite essensial, and we're very glad to see someone include it without instructions or reminders, in their very first post... logs are not really all too helpful if you do not tell us what is the problem/reason for posting it Wink

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I so support the post from latino156

- ordering the results with SYNC results showing on top of the list
- a setting to auto download the first SYNC result if available
- a setting to do this all automatically with one push of the button, even if that's technically only possible for one single service.

I had frodo so set up that pushing enter brings up the player menu and the focus point was set to subtitles.
So another push on enter jumped into the subtitles who were set to unpause, download the first sync subtitle and hide the player menu again.
It took less than a second for the whole procedure and only 2 button presses so the playback was virtually not interrupted.

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Unfortunately I can not find where to write about the possibility of introducing new sources with Romanian subtitles. If someone who knows and can upgrade addon subtitles recommend the following: , , , . Thanks for the help, if you have Smile
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